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20 Most Recent Questions

  • Bending Moment Diagram of a Cantilever Beam
    In this question we will use the cantilever from question 11. We will now draw the Bending Moment Diagram for this cantilever beam. Because we have already determined the Shear Force Diagram, this is quite a simple procedure.
  • Shear Force Diagram of a Simply Supported Beam
    Given the free body diagram of a simply supported beam with point forces applied to it, we are going to calculate and draw a shear force diagram of it. Which can aid in stress analysis.
  • Shear Force Diagram of a Cantilver Beam
    In this question we will use the cantilever from question 11. we have already worked out the reaction forces and drawn the free body diagram, this makes drawing the shear force diagram easier because we start with all the data that we need.
  • Force analysis (Brick Holder)
    This simple tool uses the principle of friction to allow a person to carry many bricks with ease. This question analyses the forces on the different parts of the tool and using the equations of static equilibrium resolves forces to calculate the minimum load that can be carried.
  • Velocity Ratio of A Pulley System
    Find the velocity ratio of a very simple pulley system.
  • Range of a Projectile
    A ball is accelerated at a given velocity and angle, given this information find out how far it travels. assuming that air resistance is negligible.
  • Object dragged on surface with friction
    Worked solution: an object is dragged along a surface with friction between the object and surface.
  • Reaction forces on a simply supported beam
    Given the free body diagram of this simply supported beam, find the reaction forces at each of the supports. (worked solution)
  • Adding Vectors
    a simple problem adding two vectors together which are already decomposed into their x, y and z components.
  • Vector Dot Product
    Dot product of two three dimensional vectors which are written in terms of their x, y and z components.
  • Reaction Forces in a Cantilever Beam
    Draw the FBD and calculate the reaction forces of a cantilever beam under the load of a single point force.
  • Simple Algebra
    This is a simple algebra question which involves multiplying some terms.
  • Awning With Cable (Cantilever)
    Draw a FBD of an Awning held up by a cable and wall, then resolve the forces that are holding it up.
  • Vector Addition
    Add two vectors together. a very simple question. see if you can notice the easy way to complete it.
  • Vector Cross Product
    Cross Product of two three-dimensional vectors worked solution.
  • Resolving Forces On A Particle (2D)
    In this question the equations of static equilibrium will be used to determine the force required to put a particle into static equilibrium.
  • Force Applied To An Axially Loaded Column
    Determine the force applied to an axially loaded column when only geometry and material properties are known.
  • f(g(x)) function of a function
    Function of a function question. another simple maths question.
  • Free body diagram of a structure
    worked solution to draw a free body diagram of elements of a structure.